Let’s talk 4th of July

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to my own personal style, I often find myself skipping around town in various remixes of red, white, and blue from Memorial Day through Labor Day. What better time to dig some outfits out of my Instagram archive? The good thing is, you can recreate most of these looks using items you already own!

This is what I wore to a BBQ last 4th of July, and I’m not gonna lie… it’s one of my faves.img_8242


Here’s another fave, I’ve worn a few different variations of this switching out my bag and shoes, and sometimes swapping for jeans instead of shorts. If there’s a look you love, why not remix it?


I bought this sweatshirt for myself last year and noticed it was available in my daughter’s size this year so you better believe we both have them now.



I’m pretty sure I’ve owned this Barcelona tank for years and years. I don’t wear it often at all, yet I refuse to get rid of it. It makes an appearance about once a year which is typically not enough for me to keep something but every now an then you just have that piece you can’t part with. For me, it’s this tank.



So, technically this shirt has black stripes.  ( I think) But, it’s a simple swap to become 4th-Ready. Oh, and I love these shoes.


While this one might not be for you, (my husband was quick to point out I looked like a Gondolier) I still stand behind this outfit.


Do you have any ‘go-to’ outfit combinations? I’m all about making small swaps with the same items. I’d love to see your pictures of your 4th looks!



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