The Shoes You Need Now

Hi loves. I had a reader ask for recommendations on what types of shoes she should have in her closet. I’m rounding up the five types of shoes you need, with plenty of choices for each type. Do you own all of these? Will you be purchasing any of the shoes in the post? P.s… I love reader requests, so if there is anything you’d like to see on the blog please let me know!

The Mule

  1. The Mule – They’re chic, they’re comfy, and the possibilities are endless! Slip on a pair of mules with anything from a t-shirt for a casual day out, or for a day in the office. Shop Mules// 1. Leopard // 2.  Fur lined ( I own these, they are so comfy) // 3. White (I own these as well!) // 4. Silver // 5. Embellished //


The HeelWedge


2. The Heel / Wedge – There are so many options out for a dressier shoe ranging from wedges, low heels, block heels etc so there’s something out for everyone. Shop heels/wedges// 1. Lace-up wedge // 2. Metallic Wedge // 3. Bright color pumps // 4. Block heel sandal // 5. Low block heel (these are on my spring wishlist)


The Casual Sneaker


3. The Casual Sneaker – Thankfully it’s 2018 it’s socially acceptable to wear sneakers with everything so make sure you have a pair (or five) in your closet. Shop the sneakers// 1. Glitter sneakers  (on my wishlist) // 2. Supergas // 3. Converse  ( I own about  5 pairs of these) // 4. Gazelle  ( I have these in gray) // 5. Quilted Slip-on ( I own these)


The Bootie


4. The Bootie – If you don’t already have a pair of booties in your life, now is the time to change that. From super casual, to embellished, there is a pair for everyone. Shop the booties// 1. Open Toe booties // 2. Sock booties // 3. Embellished booties // 4. Snakeskin booties // 5. Casual booties //


The Flat Sandals (2)

5. The flat sandal – Here’s what you’ll be living in this summer. Shop sandals// 1. Black Sandals // 2. Miller Sandal // 3. Lace-up sandal // 4. Atheltic slides


That’s all! What else would you like to see on the blog?




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