The Perfect Pair of Jeans


While I know most of you probably prefer your favorite pair of leggings over your favorite pair of jeans, but I beg to differ. I love jeans. I do. I always have, and I always will. But not just any jeans, the perfect fitting jeans. And while my perfect pair of jeans may not be YOUR perfect pair of jeans, I want to share how to find that perfect pair.

So what makes a pair of jeans perfect? I judge jeans based on their wash, feel, price, style, cut and of course fit.  It can seem overwhelming with so many denim lines and styles available but I’m here to help. I’m sharing my steps to finding the perfect jeans below, but contrary to what you might think, it doesn’t involve heading to a mall and spending 4 dreadful hours trying on jeans. Because really, what could be worse than that? So luckily for you, this takes place in the comfort of your own home.

A few years ago I decided I was tired of spending $150 + on a pair of premium denim, then paying to have them hemmed, driving them to my tailor to hem them with the original hem for an extra $20, driving back to the tailor the  next week to pick them up, and finally, half a car payment and a week later I could wear my jeans. The other thing that annoyed me about most of the premium denim I swear every single pair of premium denim fit completely different. So, began the perfect jean hunt.

I decided I was going for jeans under $100 and ordered skinny jeans (my go-to) from every place I could possibly think of. (Loft, STS, Lucky,  Old Navy, & Articles of Society, just to name a few) Some brands I had tried before, and some I had never even heard of. I tried different lengths, rises etc.

Trying them on at home has so many benefits. A. I can try them on with whatever shoes and/or top I’d actually be wearing them with. ( You know that feeling when you go to try on a top in a dressing room and you don’t even have real pants on?) B. I could wear them around the house to see if I’d have problems with them stretching out too much, not enough, etc. C. You don’t have to suffer the embarrassment of bringing 287,642 things into the fitting room.

So here’s what makes up the perfect jeans for me:

  • They must have stretch in them. Rigid 100% denim just does not work for me. (It could be the opposite for you)
  • Apparently, I have short legs. This was news to me, but when I order my jeans in short, they are so much more flattering, they fit perfectly, and don’t bunch.
  • Hi-rise is my preference, I swear I look like I lose 5 pounds whenever I put them on. They tuck my hot mummy tummy away perfectly.
  • Priced under $100
  • Good variety of washes
  • Comfortable

So I bet you’re wondering what jeans are my favorite. For me, it’s the AE Hi -Waisted Jegging. I also dabble with the regular jegging, Highest Waist Jegging, and girlfriend jeans.  So what’s so great about them? First of all, they fit amazing. They’re comfortable, I don’t have to worry about constantly adjusting them and pulling them up. The price point is perfection, most jeans are under $60, and they always have sales. And I know you might be thinking “American Eagle?” I know, I know. But I’m telling you, I’ve literally converted all my friends. Because they’re THAT good!

You can also find me in a pair of Abercrombie skinny jeans. I find that they stretch out just a tad and are the slightest bit less flattering than the AE jeans but they are super comfortable, so cute, and they have a great variety. ALSO, on sale frequently!

Here are some of my faves:

Top Row: Star jeans // Dark Gray Distressed jeans  // Blue Distressed jeans

Bottom Row: Distressed jeans // Striped Jeans // Frayed Bottom jeans

Tips & Tricks

  1. Determine a price range that’s comfortable for you and identify brands that look interesting to you.
  2. Start with your most worn style. For me, skinny jeans are my go-to so I conducted my search just for skinny jeans.
  3. Try different rises, lengths etc.
  4. Try each pair on with items you’d actually wear them with.
  5. Take pictures of yourself, from different angles. Sometimes, the mirror just doesn’t do it.

This is the longest blog post I’ve written so far, and I loved putting this together. Please let me know if you found this helpful and what else you’d like to see!

Comment with your favorite jeans!



Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Part 2

I’m back with another Nordstrom Anniversary Sale post! This time I’m going to share what I’ve ordered so far, be prepared…it’s a lot. And by no means am I keeping everything, but I like to make sure things don’t sell out. I’ll keep you posted on which items I keep/send back etc.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t annoyed about the 3 orders Nordstrom actually canceled on me. I do encourage you to keep checking back for sold out items. I believe they also restock certain items when the sale opens to the public.

Anyway, here we go! I’d love to hear which you love, which you hate, and what you’ve bought!


Untitled design (18)

Gray Thermal // V-neck tees in green heather & white // Adidas Tank // Nike Tanks // Long Sleeve Tee (striped & plain) // Star Tee

Untitled design (19)

Button Back Top // Goal Digger Sweatshirt // North Face Fleece // Fleece Pullover // Gray Moto Jacket // North Face Waterproof Jacket // Leggings //

Untitled design (25)

Fanny Pack // North Face Jacket //  White heeled booties/Unicorn Twinkle Toes //Studded Chelsea Booties// Studded Mules

Stay tuned to see what I keep vs. return. I’m sure there will be more orders placed soon. I can’t wait for these to start arriving!


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale-Part 1

I wanted to get this post up a few days ago but work was crazy and life got in the way. It happens. Moving on, it’s one of my favorite times of the year! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (Pre Sale) started yesterday. I’m sure you’re familiar with it, but just in case you aren’t, let me fill you in. The Anniversary Sale is your chance to get brand new fall merchandise before it sells for full price. So you’re getting new arrivals for less, rather than season leftovers. There are thousands and thousands of items on sale sitewide. It’s the perfect time to stock up on a new winter coat, handbag, boots, etc!

The pre-sale started yesterday, July 12th for cardholders, and will be available to the public July 20th. The sale ends August 5th and prices will go up.

I plan to do a few posts throughout the sale with updates as to what I’ve purchased, how things fit, and what I’ve returned. Today I’m going to share some personal tips, and some pictures from my dressing room session today.

Tips for shopping the sale…

  1. If you don’t already have a Nordstrom credit card, get one! They allow you early access to the sale. Plus you earn points with each purchase. Your points turn into Nordstrom Notes aka money to spend!
  2. If you see something you even THINK you might like, buy it. Things sell out FAST. Nordstrom has an awesome return policy, so you can buy now and decide whenever if you’d like to keep it.
  3. If there’s an item that sold out, bookmark the item and keep checking because things are constantly being returned and exchanged.
  4. If you order online, buy several sizes if you’re unsure, because if you order the wrong size and then try to exchange, you might be SOL.
  5. If you can, try and shop the sale both in-store and online. I’ve noticed that different pieces stand out to me in different settings.

Here’s what I’ve tried on today. I’ve linked to each item and included what size I went with.


Hinge Balloon Sleeve Cardigan – This cardigan is SO soft! It comes in a bunch of great fall colors. I sized down to a medium and it was perfect!


North Face Furry Fleece Jacket – So So soft! I sized up to an XL in this one.


Treasure & Bond Baseball Tee– I’ve always been a sucker for a good baseball style tee and this one didn’t disappoint. The fit was perfect and the color is even better in person. Wearing large.


Bp. Washed Moto Legging – These fit me totally awkward. The legs were super tight and the butt and thighs were way too big which is normally the complete opposite of how things fit. They weren’t comfortable since they felt as if they’d fall down the second I bent over. I’d be curious to hear how they fit other body types. Wearing size large.


Bp. Textured Stitch V-neck Rollover – This was a fun basic piece to throw on, and comes in a bunch of colors.  Fits true to size, wearing a large.


Bp. Raw Edge Scoop Tee – One thing I love to stock up on every year are basics. Good basics are essential. I initially ordered this tee in the black/brown stripe combo but after looking at this picture with a friend, I decided I’m ordering this color as well! It fits true to size, wearing a large.


Socialite Thermal Henley – Literally the SOFTEST SHIRT EVER! I ordered the camo and gray online and just received an e-mail that the camo one was canceled. I’m so bummed. Grab whichever colors are left because its soft, fits great, and is perfect for anything. Wearing a large.


Bp.  – Raw Edge V-neck Tee – I ordered this in a bunch of plain colors. Wearing a large.


BlankNyc Meant To Be Moto Jacket – I own several BlankNYC jackets and I love them all! This one doesn’t disappoint. I’m wearing an XL because it was all that I could find in the store, but I typically wear a Large in this brand.



BlankNYC No Limit Suede Moto Jacket – This one comes in a green and red version. It fits amazing, wearing a large.


Leith Woven Relaxed Fit Blazer – I’ve always loved oversized blazers and this one didn’t let me down. Fits true to size, wearing a large.


And today’s outfit, just because. My shoes are on major clearance, shop them here.

Let me know what you think, what you bought, or whether or not anyone actually reads this far 🙂



Friday Faves #6

What a week! Wednesday holidays sure make the week go by faster than usual. It’s time for this weeks Friday Faves!

1. White & Gold Office Chair Husband and I are currently re-doing our home office, which I’m super excited about. I saw this chair and decided that my whole office needed to be designed around it. Stay tuned for more on this!

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 1.45.24 PM

2. Season 5 of Younger started a few weeks ago, and if you’ve never seen this show your missing out. First off it’s a Darren Star show, need I say more? I’d try describing it but I probably won’t do it any justice. But, it takes place at a publishing company, has an amazing looking cast. A big part of the last season was focused on a book they were publishing, Marriage Vacation, which is now an actual book that ties into the show! If you’re a fan like me, you’ll also check out their Facebook pre-show and podcast, Younger Uncovered featuring my favorite radio host, Taylor Strecker.


3.  Sutton Tassel Necklace– I’ve realized that I buy a new tassel necklace pretty much each season. They just work with everything, and there are so many different styles. I just added this one to my collection and I can’t wait to wear it with everything from plain white tees, to a casual summer wedding.

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 2.57.28 PM


4. My new favorite plain t-shirts – I’ve been looking for t-shirts that have a good fit, feel, and price. I’ve been purchasing these like crazy, and if you purchase a multi-pack it’s really not a bad deal.  I’ve even found a few packs on sale for less than the price of one! Keep your eye out. They fit true to size and come in a variety of styles!

That’s all for this week! Let me know what you think in the comments




Recent Purchases

I’ve had some great feedback on sharing items I’ve purchased so I thought it would be fun to take a little peek into what’s been arriving at my doorstep lately.

  1. Reversible Belt – I’m not gonna lie, I’m dying for this belt, but with a price tag of $350 I was having such a hard time because I couldn’t decide between black or brown. Cue in this, amazing Coach Belt for almost half the price, and the best part? It’s REVERSIBLE! So basically I got two for the price of one. SCORE! It’s also available in a bunch of other colors. Check it out here.Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 1.09.29 PM
  2. Red Chevron Quilt Crossbody Bag – I’m starting to see the Gucci-esque theme happening here. I was crushing on the Marmont and Disco bags, and this one is the perfect combination of the two, plus it’s a fraction of the price. I have been using this non-stop! It’s made of real leather and nice quality. It’s on MAJOR SALE right now, plus you can take an extra 25% off with code HAPPY4thScreen Shot 2018-07-03 at 1.31.08 PM
  3. Rosè All Day Button Down Boyfriend Button Down. – This is literally silky soft, as described! The oversized boyfriend fit makes it perfect for throwing on over a bathing suit and heading to the beach or tucking it into a pair of jean cutoffs. I’ve been wanting to wear it all the time, it looks great with a tan!Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 1.52.06 PM
  4. Fringe Bottom Jeans – Ok, I know jeans are like the farthest thing from your mind right now but A.) I couldn’t resist this fringe bottomed pair, and B.) jeans are just my thing. Stay tuned for some outfit posts with these once the weather cools down!


    Leave a comment and let me know what you’re adding to your list!



Friday Faves #5

It’s been a while since I did my last Friday Faves post, but they’re back and ready to go!
Here’s what’s on my radar this week.

  1. The Bold Type – Have you seen this show? I’m obsessed! Season Two just premiered, so if you’ve never seen it before, hurry up and binge it now! It’s about three friends in their twenties who work for a women’s magazine. It’s equal parts funny dramatic, and inspiring.


2. Star Struck Bangle – I’ve been looking for new bangles that are cute, and durable enough for everyday wear. I’ve been switching back and forth between wearing one at a time and sporting all three. They look great either way and are perfect to mix and match with bracelets you already own!

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 1.10.01 PM


3. The Waterbottle/Pretty Accessory- I’m all about a good water bottle. It has to meet certain criteria though; it can’t leak, the mouth opening can’t be too large or I’ll spill all over the place, aesthetically pleasing is an added bonus.  Basically, I wanted a water bottle I can just throw in my bag and not have to worry about it. I just bought this one and it’s even prettier in person. I’m loving this marble version as well.

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 9.52.08 PM


4. The Bug Bite Thing –  If you are anything like me you are constantly covered in bug bites in the warmer months. I’ve always loved spending time outdoors but instantly regret it every time. I recently discovered The Bug Bite Thing and I have to tell you, it is AHH-MAZING! It literally sucks the insect poison out of the bite and the itching stops instantly! I bought a multi-pack so I can have them all over the place for easy accessibility. My husband is glad he doesn’t have to watch me attacking my legs with the side of a credit card. (gross, I know)

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 10.19.34 PM



Have a great weekend, thanks for reading!



Let’s talk 4th of July

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to my own personal style, I often find myself skipping around town in various remixes of red, white, and blue from Memorial Day through Labor Day. What better time to dig some outfits out of my Instagram archive? The good thing is, you can recreate most of these looks using items you already own!

This is what I wore to a BBQ last 4th of July, and I’m not gonna lie… it’s one of my faves.img_8242


Here’s another fave, I’ve worn a few different variations of this switching out my bag and shoes, and sometimes swapping for jeans instead of shorts. If there’s a look you love, why not remix it?


I bought this sweatshirt for myself last year and noticed it was available in my daughter’s size this year so you better believe we both have them now.



I’m pretty sure I’ve owned this Barcelona tank for years and years. I don’t wear it often at all, yet I refuse to get rid of it. It makes an appearance about once a year which is typically not enough for me to keep something but every now an then you just have that piece you can’t part with. For me, it’s this tank.



So, technically this shirt has black stripes.  ( I think) But, it’s a simple swap to become 4th-Ready. Oh, and I love these shoes.


While this one might not be for you, (my husband was quick to point out I looked like a Gondolier) I still stand behind this outfit.


Do you have any ‘go-to’ outfit combinations? I’m all about making small swaps with the same items. I’d love to see your pictures of your 4th looks!



Livin’ that stripe life.

I’ve been livin’ that stripe life lately. Scroll for outfit inspiration and details!


Details: Shirt // Necklace // Bag // Jeans – Similar // Shoes – sold out  (SIMILAR) // Watch


Outfit details: Shirt // Jeans // Shoes // Bag – Vintage (SIMILAR) // Bracelet


Outfit details: Jacket – old (SIMILAR) // Shirt – old (SIMILAR) // Jeans – old (SIMILAR) // Shoes // Bag //


Outfit Details: Shirt // Shorts // Shoes // Bag


Outfit details: Shirt – sold out  (SIMILAR)  // Jeans // Shoes // Tote // Necklace

Which look is your favorite?




Spring Time Blues

I’ve been dreaming of finally having a spring day so I could wear one of the 135 baby blue and white outfit combos I’ve dreamt up in my head. So with May, finally came Spring. I don’t know why, but I find I wear these jeans more in warmer months, they are a tomgirl style and nice and loose in a good way.


Scroll for outfit details


Shop my look: Avocado & Pineapple button down // Tomgirl jeans // White loafers // Purse  (newer version) // Necklace  (I’m wearing mine with a 14″ chain) //




Recent Purchases

Well hello, thanks for stopping in! I’ve been so busy lately and haven’t been able to dedicate much time to the blog but I’m hoping to be posting more frequently soon. If you feel like your missing me, and you just can’t wait, follow me on Instagram. So in the meantime, I’m sharing with you some of my recent purchases.


Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 5.01.05 PM

  1. Button Me Knot Top – I’m absolutely loving this top and want to wear it with everything! Perfect with jeans, shorts, and even a denim skirt! It also unties so you can wear it a few different ways. Also available in white.

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 12.09.14 PM

2. Starfish Cable Bracelet – I’ve been wearing this all week and I’m loving it. I have tiny wrists and have trouble finding bracelets that fit but this one was able to be adjusted so it’s perfect!


Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 4.57.10 PM

3. Green Block Heel Sandals – So if you’ve been following along with me, you know I bought an almost identical pair of these in pink and cannot stop wearing them so when I saw these I didn’t hesitate to get them.

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 4.55.16 PM

4. Striped Tee – So basically every time a package arrives at our door with my name on it, my husband asks me if it’s another striped shirt. And most of the time my answer is YES. So yes, here we are. I’m totally loving the colors on this one.  I ordered my regular size and one size up to compare the fits. My regular size fit, but I decided to keep the larger size because I like a looser fit. (front tucks and knots are my thang)

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 8.32.09 PM

5. Nike Air Max Sasha –  Obviously we know how much I like sneakers but I was looking for a pair that would work for the gym but also be cute and neutral enough to wear jeans. So I bought they gray AND the black. They’re so comfy, so if you’re in the market for a new pair of sneaks, or you’re an addict like me give these a try!

So, what’s your fave?